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Stories of Artisans 


From classical Latin artific-, artifex practitioner of an art, expert practitioner of any art, skilled workman, craftsman, artist, performer, maker, creator, author, contriver, perpetrator from arti-, alternative stem of ars + -fex, combining form of facere to do, make. 

At Artifex we seek to make known the stories of old and new, from tailors all around the world. We see it as our job to preserve a dying breed… the craftsman. Through in-depth personal interviews we help to spread the stories of how the world’s best tailors got to be where they are today. 

Not only do we cover the content of our subjects lives but also some of the technical aspects that are rarely talked about, such as mounting a pair of sleeves.

We strive to shed light on the sartorial world in order to bring unification and collaboration to those within it.

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